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2017 Club Awards

A number of Awards were presented at the recent AGM, following a very successful 2016 for the club.

The Bob Green M0HJY Construction trophy was awarded to Colin G8RLZ, who had put together a multiband Buddipole antenna made from conduit components and telescopic flagholders, an LC meter and several baluns based on carefully selected toroidal core types.

The judges really struggled this year as all of the entries were excellent but very different. Whilst difficult for the judges it is great news that construction is still such a popular activity. The other entrants were:

Chris, G8AJM, who had constructed a great little SoftRock SDR on Veroboard. Chris had found the original SoftRock boards and parts were unavailable so put his ingenuity to the test!

Dave, G8XCK/4XDU, who had produced a very professional-looking 4m transverter based on a manufactured board. (Good luck with 4m UKAC Dave!)

Patrick, G6CJB, produced a very nice looking capacitor reformer (for bringing capacitors in vintage equipment back to life) and a BITX QRP 40m SSB rig, complete with antenna. The rig was based on a manufactured board from a design originally created to help cash-strapped Indian amateurs get on the air.

Other awards made at the AGM were:

The DF Cup, awarded to Dave, G4XDU/G8XCK, for winning the 2016 foxhunt.

The Uri Grunewald G0BBB award for the person who had contributed most to the club/hobby was awarded to Andy M0YGB. DX Picnics and HF contests would have been much harder and far less fun without Andy's horsebox and SteppIR!

The club contest shield and a certificate were awarded to the club VHF Contest winner Trevor, M0TDZ with a runners up certificate to Mike, G4RAA.