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HRD improvements - Feb 2020 update

After the fiasco under the old management Ham Radio Deluxe (the data modes, logging, rig & rotator control software package) really did put their house in order. Now on a commercial footing, new releases were coming out at a rapid pace as they flattened long-standing bugs, many dating back to the buggy open-source v5 version. and added new enhancements. The frequency of updates has slowed as they work on new features but the activity level is still high.

The DM780 package in HRD allows you to run a large number of data modes including PSK, RTTY, Hellschreiber, Olivia, Thor, Throb and CW. It also supports SSTV via a plugin. If you're not familiar with HRD, DM780 works a bit like WSJT-X but the modes supported by HRD are not limited to brief automated exchanges.

Just to give a feel for the sheer number of changes, here's the changelog for the latest release (Feb 2020):

"This release completes the work related to the callsign lookup re-write, slow QRZ lookups, and an "Encountered an unspecified error" in DM-780. QSOs with stations that are not part of a DXCC country (maritime mobile, aeronautical mobile, etc) can now have country set to "[None]" and they will not be counted in DXCC awards totals (this is consistent with ADIF standards where Country=None and DXCC=0;

0003126: [Enhancement] Add option to ignore a QSO for specific awards 
0003125: [Bug] QSOs with stations that aren't in a valid DXCC country show up in the awards totals for a country and should not (WA9PIE
0002306: [Bug] /MM (Maritime Mobile) QSO added to DXCC Awards count 
0003554: [Bug] The Logbook Lookup can stop responding (WA9PIE
0003558: [Bug] eQSL Download function loads all QSOs from eQSL server (WA9PIE
0003561: [Bug] DM-780 The Licensee section of the Callsign Lookup pane in DM-780 is not being populated (WA9PIE) 0003562: [Bug] Latitude and Longitude in the Country section of the Lookup pane always displays "0.00, 0.00" when any enabled method is include (K7ZCZ
0003565: [Bug] Log data upload to QRZ.COM fails with error (WA9PIE
0003567: [Bug] Car icon with distance and heading is missing from the Lookup Pane (K7ZCZ)
0003568: [Bug] The Logbook tab in the ALE no longer works (WA9PIE
0003569: [Bug] The Country tab in the ALE no longer works (WA9PIE)
0003570: [Bug] eQSL download requests are over HTTP not HTTPS (K7ZCZ
0003571: [Bug] eQSL QSO download doesn't correctly parse result URL from response (WA9PIE
0003574: [Bug] Lat/Long in the Logbook Lookup Pane are on different rows (WA9PIE)
0003587: [Bug] DM-780 Lookup Pane is missing full name and Lat/Long (WA9PIE
0003588: [Bug] Logbook and DM-780 - Callsign Lookup pane's Country section not populated under certain circumstances (WA9PIE
0003590: [Bug] First name is now missing from Callsign Lookup for Subscription (WA9PIE
0003591: [Bug] Invoking a callsign lookup in the ALE forces a switch to the Logbook tab (should stay at current tab) (WA9PIE
0003594: [Bug] Tabbing out of the Callsign field after entering a callsign no longer invokes the Callsign Lookup (WA9PIE) 0003607: [Maintenance] Lookups take longer then normal 
0003598: [Bug] Callsign lookup is not honoring callsign prefixes (DOUG)"