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ISS SSTV Oct 2018

As mentioned on the club net, Dave G4XDU/G8XCK was successful in receiving SSTV signals from the ISS this weekend - see photo below. A couple of other club members were also successful on Monday 29 Oct - see images further down.

ISS signals are transmitted on 145.800 MHz in FM, so even receivable with a simple handheld, although a higher antenna is better. Dave received the signals with his 'white stick' vertical and was able to decode one and a half images before the ISS went out of range. He used a software package called MMSSTV to decode the signals, although it is possible to decode them with a smartphone running an app such as DroidSSTV by simply holding it by your rig's speaker.

ISS SSTV image

Ian, 2E0IPP, decoded probably the best picture of all on the 0852 pass on Monday 29 Oct. Ian used the free Robot36 smartphone app and held his phone by his Baofeng handheld. The rig was connected to his roof level x30 'white stick' vertical.

Mike, G4RAA, used the free MMSSTV program on his laptop, his FT857 and his 5el 2m beam to capture the image below as well as two part images during the 1030 pass on Monday 29 Oct. (One picture was already running as the ISS came over the Western horizon and the other was being transmitted as it disappeared to the East).