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Using JTAlertX with HRD 6.x - update

I know I'm not the only BBRC member working JT modes using WSJT-X. Its facilities are a bit basic though. There is a great open-source helper application for it (and JT65-HF), called JTAlertX, which provides a number of features eg information on active stations (including whether they upload to eQSL and LOTW), audio announcements when a station calls CQ and when a country you haven't worked pops up. It also links into logging programs including HRD Logbook. Or rather it links into some versions of HRD. Due to alleged unethical behaviour by the old management at HRD, the developer of JTAlertX removed support for the commercial versions of HRD. Until he didn't. 

Although you wouldn't know if from looking at the JTAlertX website, the software does now support HRD 6.x again. It is done on a 'best efforts' basis as HRD hasn't been easy for external developers to work with. Consequently there is unlikely to be much support if it breaks.

Should things go pear-shaped again you might still want the information below:

QSO Relay is an open source program that sits in the Windows System Tray and listens for contacts being forwarded from WSJT-X/JT65-HF and JTAlertX via UDP. Contacts are first logged in a SQLite database and then relayed to the HRD Logbook database. Right-clicking on the icon and selecting 'synchronise databases' copies QSL information in the opposite direction from HRD to the QSO Relay database. This means JTAlertX can scan the QSO Relay database and see which countries you have confirmations from.