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RSGB UKAC contests 2019

As in previous years, we'd like to encourage BBRC members to enter RSGB VHF/UHF UKAC contests. The BBRC is allied with like-minded Bracknell amateurs in the Triple B Contest Club, so if you are not already in another contest group you should remember to choose the Triple B group when you upload your scores.

Even if you don't want to enter on a regular basis it is helpful if you can remember to pop up and work a few stations. It is even more helpful if you upload your scores at!

The 2019 contest calendar is now available here: and there are links to add the calendar to your Outlook and Google calendars. (Sign in to your Google calendar before trying to add the VHF calendar to it.)

A new feature in 2019 are 55 min long Machine Generated Mode contests for FT8 etc starting at 1900 on contest evenings. The rules seem a bit confusing as the rules on the website contradict those in the pdf they link to. Presumably the website text (reproduced below) is newer and therefore correct!

RSGB Contest Special Rules 2019

MGM. Modes:
Any recognized MGM mode e.g. FT8, FSK441, ISCAT, JT65, RTTY, PSK.
CW and EME (moon bounce) are not permitted

Contacts: Only one scoring contact may be made with a given station per band

Exchange: Report (as appropriate for the mode in use) and 4-character Locator (e.g. IO91). Serial number is not required

Scoring: On each band: One point per kilometre. Score is total kilometres worked multiplied by the number of large Locator Squares (e.g. IO91) worked. Distance is calculated to the centre of the large Locator Square (e.g. IO84MM to IO91MM). A QSO between stations in the same large Locator Square will count for 50 points. The points total for each band will be tabulated separately.

Please read the guidelines for the use of MGM in RSGB contests here