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Feb 2000

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From G0HZK

USA 2000

1999 was a pretty static year for me, the furthest I got from Slough was Northampton. But the new year has started off with an early trip. Today is January 16th, and I am a few hundred miles from the coast of Newfoundland, on the way to Boston again.

Well it makes a change from Slough! However the

weather in Boston is not so good - a few days ago they has the first snowfall of the winter. I looked at the Boston traffic cameras on the internet, and it was all white. Hopefully the roads will be clear when I arrive, driving in the snow is not my idea of fun. However so far the flight has been smooth. I am in a fairly recent plane, a Boeing 777, a little smaller than the usual Jumbo. I have eaten lunch, watched Evita (there are about 12 TV channels available), and have a bit less than 3 hours to go before we land.

Well I wrote too soon, suddenly the plane lurches about, making loud creaking noises. We are instructed to sit down and belt-up, but it's not as bad as last time I did this trip. It's soon over and back to normal. I watch another film, well you have to pass the time somehow.

The entertainment system is pretty good on this plane. Apart from all the films, Blackadder, and the like, there is a moving map display which also tells you distances, speed, etc. At the start of the flight it tells us that we will land at 12.10 instead of the scheduled 13.05. Pretty good, an hour early. Most of the trip we are at 38,000 feet enjoying a tail wind (temperature outside -76 degrees). True to the predictions, the plane lands at 12.10 exactly, a pretty smooth landing too. It seems to taxi about 20 miles, but eventually we find a gate and I step into good ol' USA.

We all stand behind the red line in immigration. I get asked the same old questions. I wonder if my past history comes up on his computer screen? Anyway a couple of red stamps and bits stapled into my passport and I'm away to customs. The plane was full of Pakistanis, so they get stopped and their bags checked, and I walk through unchallenged.           

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