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This was more interesting, as less than 100 miles away are countries like Syria, Turkey, Israel etc.)

But things are changing. The majority of UK net users are supposed to have bought books over the web last year. Sounds like marketing hype to me, but I hope it's not true. Buying books blind does not seem to be a benefit to me. Unless we can look through the pages on-line. Over 65% of us are supposed to have bought Christmas presents over the web. Hands up Beechlog readers who did that? The source of this data did not mention that about 10% of buyers were diddled in some way!

There is little doubt that the Internet is becoming a commercial network as opposed to the information network it originally was. I suppose this is inevitable, the funding has to come from somewhere. Whenever a new user installs the software on his computer, the first web page he/she sees will be a portal designed to sell something. Portals were big business in 1999. While they are theoretically designed as a start point for browsing, every link you click on will lead to a page with advertising. There are few exceptions. One large concern with no external advertising is the BBC.
Http:// carries no advertising. There is a host of information on these pages, and the whole site carries everything ever published on there before. This may change in the future, but at the moment enjoy it while you can.

I mentioned WAP earlier on. The big question is, what services will be available via WAP? I think there is little doubt that they will be designed to sell you something. As if it is not enough paying 30p a minute to browse.

This year is certainly going to be the start of a new era in communication. But we should bear in mind that not everything will be a success. There is no guarantee that we will spend all the money we haven't got on services and products sold over the web. The Internet might turn out to be a passing fad. We might be buying mobile phones because we want to speak to people, and nothing more.


APRS - A UI-View of stations I heard one Sunday afternoon (picture cropped to fit).
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