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July 2002 Edition, Page 5

Strange sight at Slough Station

Ok, nothing to do with radio or even electronics. But early last month I just happened to be crossing the Stoke Road railway bridge, and memories of my childhood came steaming through. Not that I often saw A4 pacifics going through Slough, but there you go. This engine, no. 60009 Union of South Africa, usually lives on the Severn Valley Railway, but here it is pulling the Elgar Explorer, a monthly steam excursion between Paddington and Worcester.


The next time this excursion passes through Slough is on July 27th 2002, at about 10:21 in the morning, and on the 24th August at about the same time. These trains are scheduled to be hauled by 5029 Nunney Castle, an ex-GWR loco more at home on this line.

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