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July 2002 Edition

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The JPEG 2000 images in this issue were made using Lurawave SmartCompress 3.0. You can download an evaluation version from the Luratech web site. This software gives you all facilities for 30 days, then it reduces functionality to a 'lite' level. There is also a free browser plugin available here.

Alternately try Slowview which is, well, slow, as far as JPEG 2000 is concerned!

Also try Xnview which support a dazzling array of file types, including JBIG, WIC, WBMP and even Psion 3 and 5 bitmaps.

Various battery powered devices for saving flash card contents to a hard drive are featured on the Nixvue web site. The devices here are designed specifically for digital camera users.

You can read about the Sanyo IEEE 802.11b camera here , or an English summary here.

I previously wrote about the closed Organiser 2 site, and how I found the pages in the Wayback Machine. Well, Boris Cornet has now revived the Org2 site, and is slowly adding to it.

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