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June 1987

The on-line magazine of the Burnham Beeches Radio Club.

ISSUE No.21 JUNE 1987

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Page 2................From the Chair
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Page 4................Spring '87 Picnic
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Page 6................VSWR
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Page 8................Picnic update
Page 9................USSR Call signs
Page 10...............Events '87
Page 11/12/13.........Club Constitution
Page 14...............EGM Proposal

Final date for articles etc for August..July 19th.

Editor................Dave Chislett G4XDU
Technical Editor......Dave Lomas G4XOW
Printer...............Dave Ayres G6GBC
Computer Editor.......Mike Brown G4RAA



Chair.................Dave Chislett G4XDU
Secretary.............John Pumfrey G8SNH
Treasurer.............David Ayres G6GBC
Members...............Dave Lomas G4XOW
...............Paul Shayler G6TSF


Publicity.............Eileen Chislett G6EIL
Library...............Richard G6RTM
Equipment.............John G1LMI
Licences..............Peter G4XGD

Meetings: 1st and 3rd Monday in the month at 8.00pm
in Room 48 Haymill Youth & Community Centre
112 Burnham Lane
Slough SL1 6LZ

From the Chair....

During the next month we shall be having an EGM to discuss the Club
Constitution. The last committee meeting was taken up mostly with
the constitution and how the committee thought it should be altered
to better reflect the club. The old constitution is now many years
old and has been amended several times. The RSGB has also issued a
draft constitution and the draft constitution which will be set
before you will reflect this very much, with what we, the
committee, think are sensible amendments. A copy of this draft
proposal is available for your perusal on page 11. Should you have
any ammendments to add to this draft you should give these in
writing to the secretary (G8SNH) as early as possible and no later
than June 23rd.

Just recently several members of the club have been experiencing
failures with their rigs. We tend to think that the modern rigs
will go on for ever. When most of the equipment contained valves we
expected to replace them frequently and wouldn't be surprised if
resistors and capacitors (condensers) failed. However, when you
look at the abuse some rigs get it isn't surprising that they give
up the ghost! My own wonder has been well used not at home but at
club events. It has suffered reverse volts infinite VSWR being
bumped up and down hills, and the final insult modification and yet
has only just given up with a sagging PA transistor. I often wonder
how much of the earlier valved equipment would still be going
strong, given this abuse. I think few of us would want valved gear
back except the Hi-Fi buffs, but will the very latest generation of
equipment be around as long as the KW2000. Who will repair them
when eventually they fail? Not, I think the manufacturer. Having
some experience with modern surface mounted component equipment
repair I think the very latest rigs, will, when they go wrong be
thrown on the rubbish dump. Not a very good investment. Perhaps
they will mourn the old faithful FT101 then!

Fastext, teletext comes of age. Heralded as a leap forward we
computer buffs have been enjoying fastext for a long time, but more
importantly telesoftware. Just recently I acquired a teletext
decoder to use with the trusty "Beeb" Although the IBA has computer
pages and some software for downloading (telesoftware) it has been
the BBC who have led the way. Every week you can download many
programmes or programme notes. All programmes come with notes on
how to use them, and the quality of programmes is very good.
To give a recent example a full macro assembler for 6502/65C02
assembly programming was downloaded. The code was for use in the
sideways area of the BBC micro series and could be blown into
eprom. Along with the rom software came the manual 128K bytes of it
some 80 pages A4. The promise of software from the ITV for other
machines than the BBC seems to open up a new avenue for good
software. While on the subject of software at the talk on Forth,
Duncan donated a Fig forth language programme for the BBC computer
anyone wishing a copy should contact me.


The editor of Beechlog Jim G3PBA has recently suffered a
bereavement in his family, his daughter who was only in her
twenties. The club extends its sympathies to Jim and his family at
this difficult time. If there is anything we can do Jim please let
us know. We hope to see you back amongst us soon.


It seems that Class 'B' operators have been given both the 50 Mhz
and 70 Mhz bands plus it seems we have had added an extra 1 Mhz to
the 50 Mhz band.

Dave G4XDU
Chair BBRC
Area Rep RSGB Windsor, Maidenhead & Slough

The Spring '87 BBRC DX Picnic

The usual venue for the DX picnic was used. That is to say the
Chairs farmer friend Robin, once again agreed for us to use his
field on Kop Hill at Princes Risborough, IO91OR. The weather had
worsened from the previous glorious weekend but good enough for us
we thought.

Saturday morning saw a build up of members arriving on site and
gently and sometimes chaotically things were unloaded from cars and
put up. First was the clubs extending mast with the Chairs rotator
and the club 2Mtr 10 element vertical plus 10 element horizontal
aerial. This was followed by Paul's portable mast with my homemade
2Mtr slim jim aerial. Bobs (G0BTY) H.F. folded square multi-band
thingy on a long pole went up next and a H.F. inverted 'V' was
pulled up onto it also. The Chairs H.F. vertical and 70cms beam on
a lightweight mast then was followed finally by a 10Mtr vertical. A
proper aerial farm!

While all this was going on, Dave (G4XOW) was putting up the
operating tent and equipment was being put in.

Lunch of whatever kind was snatched during this melee, some with
salads, some with sandwiches, others with doughnuts. Odd (wrong
word) personal tents went up and a place was found for the
generator. This is slightly tricky as it cannot go more than 12Mtrs
away from the equipment but must be as far downwind as possible in
order that the operator(s) can hear the radio more than the
generator. The tents, also sheltering downwind needed to be where
both the barbeque and the generator also needed to be. This caused
some QRNancy to be generated which then became the accepted mode
for the whole dxposition, everyone having little digs at everybody
else in a good humoured way.

The wind on the hill meanwhile was getting a little mean and pegs
were knocked in a little further to show we meant to stay
regardless. The afternoon was taken up getting the equipment
tweaked up, tuned in, connected up,( do you mean Tune in, turn on,
drop out really! :Ed) and apart from packet and Bobs square thingy
all the stuff worked. So H.F., 2 and 70cms and 10mtrs were usable
with FM SSB RTTY AMTOR and PHONE. The packet problem was solved
next day with another computer terminal, it not being known why the
first one would not do Packet as it was happy with RTTY and AMTOR.
Must have been an old fashioned one I guess. Hi.

There was a Barbeque both evenings using our own food but cooking
on the club fire. It was very enjoyable sitting round an open fire
poking ones banger or burger and chatting with ones clubmates and
XYLs and even some harmonics. Don't they grow fast on those burnt
bangers. The warmth of the fire was very welcome in the cold wind.
A shower did not quite put the fire out and the food was steamed as
well as barbequed. I could not taste any difference!

Throughout the Bank Holiday the steady stream of operators had a go
at all bands and all modes. Hopefully elsewhere in Beechlog is the
QSO list. We hope Peter our logbook man will QSL them all. A fine
time was had by all and the picnics radio contacts were more
numerous than on previous occasions, this being mainly due to more
hours available over the three days. I noted at least two possibly
three people getting hooked on packet with this hands on
experience. It is my main mode now but I worked it little as I was
busy with my hands on HF that I can't normally work. I particulary
enjoyed logging for Bob when he joined 'the family hour DX network'
and picked up a country he needed. Really good experience for the
likes of me who are still at the bottom of the learning curve.

Why not join us next time. (September 12/13) You do not have to
camp. Its not too far to come just for the day but you will miss
the late night mike in one hand, beer in the other session(s).

This is Gulp Free Whisky Iccup Radio/portable going QRT.

John G1LMI.


This is a subject that seems to generate an endless number of
articles and letters in the various electronic magazines. These try
to explain but usually end up confusing most people.

It is also quite interesting to listen to conversations on the air
that sometimes include some dubious ideas. Some operators
(particularly on CB), seem obsessed with getting the ultimate 1:1
VSWR. They also think that 12 watts of output power is going to
make a real difference compared with 10 watts.

There are good reasons for having a matched system, it prevents
the cable acting as an aerial and prevents additional attenuation
due to mismatch in long cables. Also it will ensure the transmitter
is operating into the impedance it was designed for. In practice
1.5:1 is going to cause little problems. At the DX Picnics, we have
been running on HF the FT7 on most of the bands into both a G5RV
and a trapped vertical without an ATU.

From the transmitter point of view, if the mismatch is too high,
then output power and efficiency will change and if protection is
fitted will result in a reduction of power. If there is no
protection then damage to the output devices can result. If a
mismatch is measured at the transmitter in a 50 ohm system of 2:1,
then changing the cable length will not change the amount of
mismatch. It will vary between multiples of a half-wavelength from
the resistive extremes of 25 ohms to 100 ohms with other complex
values inbetween.
Two factors can change this:
1) If the cable is not exactly 50 ohms then the result of two
mismatches occurs, Fig 1 shows the extremes of what will result.
2) If the loss in the cable is increased, then the mismatch will
magically improve. Fig 2 shows this effect. Any other effects are
probably because the measuring device is not accurately measuring a
50 ohm system.

Dave G4XOW

Picnic Update.

All those of you who attended the DX picnic will be aware of the
radio contacts that were made during the weekend. Elsewhere in this
magazine there should be details of the general goings on, but I
thought I would take the opportunity to update you on the radio

This picnic we had HF as usual but with additional power 50watts.
On 2Mtrs we only had 10 watts but a larger aerial. 70cms had
10Watts and a 19 ele beam. 10Mtrs 20watts max into a half wave
vertical. Packet, RTTY and Amtor were available.

Conditions on 2Mtrs were very flat but as usual there was a contest
on so we managed a contact with France F6TNB one other station
contacted was in Staffs G4UVM not bad given the poor conditions and
the low power. After a poor start packet got going well with loads
of stations heard and worked, reaching as far as Plymouth via other
stations digipeating.

On HF the wind took its toll of the Quad aerial, it took a while to
work out that the ATU did a great job loading up the feeder. The
HF5V trapped vertical was pressed into service and TA2G, KF4BU and
VE3DJG were worked on 20Mtrs. The only Amtor contact was on 80Mtrs
G4IBA we failed to work in ARQ mode due to the untried equipment
but had a good chat in FEC mode. RTTY little activity but on 20Mtrs
SP9AMH was worked. 10Mtrs FM was quite interesting EA5CHT was our
best DX. Our best DX must have been a 20Mtr contact the station was
in Princes Risborough we like to think it was by the long path!!!

Considering the problems with aerials, no one noticed the 2Mtr beam
had turned through 180 degrees, and the lack of a really effective
HF aerial I think we did very well.

Dave G4XDU

During the event it seems that one member who was there for the
first time, and therefore not used to the weather, threatened to
'string the Chair up in the woods'. He didn't have his wish
however, but his LandRover took its revenge and connected with the
Chairs head. He was taken to Hospital and received three stitches
and went home to sleep in a comfortable bed on the Sunday night. I
can report that yours truly is non the worse for the cut head and
some may say there is a slight improvement, it has knocked some
sense into him!!!

Ed's Ed note: Really??!

BBRC Club Events 1987


1st............Natter Nite + Films, Airport Radio
15th...........Visit to Gatwick Control Centre


6th............EGM +Getting ready for the rally.
19th...........McMichael'87 Mobile Rally
20th...........Radio Control. Demonstration


17th...........Design of a Digital Sound Desk. G4XDU


7th............Packet Demonstration and natter nite
12/13th........Autumn DX Picnic 21st...........S.S.T.V.


5th............Junk Sale
19th...........Pascal Computer Language. Tony Watson


2nd............Natter Nite
16th...........HF Transceiver. From bits to cream box. G4XOW


7th............Christmas Dinner
21st...........Natter Nite

Please note that before all meetings held at the club HQ there will
be a morse class. This is open to all members of the club 'A'
licencees as well!

During all meetings coffee and tea is available at 15p. If you can
please bring a mug with you. If you have any plastic cups the club
would be pleased to accept them. I would like to thank Dave G4XOW
and Anne for the donation of a kettle.

Club Constitution.

The following is a draft copy of the proposed new club
constitution. If you feel that there should be any additions or
changes will you let the Secretary John G8SNH know in writing by
June 23rd latest. The EGM will be held on the 6th July at 8.00pm.
Please be prompt and do come as we need a quorum in order to pass
the new constitution. The EGM will close as soon as possible and
the club meeting 'Getting ready for the Rally' will then take
place. Remember that before the EGM there will be the morse
classes as usual.

Burnham Beeches Radio Club Constitution

1.The Club shall be known as Burnham Beeches Radio Club. or the BBRC
in abbreviated form.

2.The aims of the club shall be to further the interests of its
members in all aspects of Amateur radio and directly associated


Membership shall be open, subject to the discretion of the
committee, to all persons interested in the aims of the club.
Categories of Membership:
a) Full Member.
b) Student Member. A student being someone in full time education.
c) Senior Citizen Member.
d) Family Membership.
e) Visitor. Visitors are those who attend three times or less in
one membership year who are not an invited guest from another club.

In (b) and (c) above subscriptions shall usually be at half the
normal rate.
In (d) above family means e.g Co habitors / father and son etc, at
the discretion of the committee the subscription shall be one and a
half the normal rate.


a) The annual subscription for membership shall be set by the
b) All subscriptions shall be due and payable at the beginning of
January. Members in arrears have no voting rights.
c) A member shall have deemed to have resigned from the club if, by
the first meeting in March subscriptions have not been paid.
d) The committee shall have the right to waive or reduce
subscriptions in special circumstances for a period not exceeding
one year.


All money received by the club shall be promptly deposited in the
club's bank account. Withdrawals require the signature of the
treasurer or chair and one other nominated officer of the club.


The club's affairs shall be administered by a committee elected at
the Annual General Meeting. The committee, in whom the club's
property shall be vested, shall consist of:
a) Chair: who will preside at all meetings at which he/she is
present. No member may hold this position for more than three
consecutive years. He/she may be re-elected after a break of one
b) Secretary: who will take minutes of all meetings of the
committee, and at EGM's.
c) Treasurer: who will be responsible for:
i) keeping the clubs accounts.
ii) advising the committee on all financial matters.
iii) preparing the accounts for audit and presenting them at the
d) Two ordinary members.
e) Co-opted members who do not have voting rights on the committee.

7.Committee Standing Orders.

a) The quorum for the committee shall be three members. In the
absence of a quorum, business may be dealt with but any decisions
taken only become valid after ratification at the next meeting at
which a quorum exists.
b) Committee meetings may be called by the Chair, the secretary or
any three full members of the committee.
c) The Chair may vote. In the event of a tie, he/she has a second
casting vote.

8.Annual General meeting.

a) The AGM will be held at the first meeting in March each year. At
least 21 days notice shall be given either by letter or in the
club's magazine.
b) The quorum for the meeting shall be 51% of current membership.
c) The agenda of the meeting shall be:
i) Apologies for absence.
ii) Minutes of previous AGM.
iii) Chair's report.
iv) Secretary's report.
v) Treasurer's report.
vi) Election of the new officers.
vii) Election of auditors.
viii) A.O.B.

d) items (i) to (v) shall be chaired by outgoing Chair. Item (vi)
by an elected Chair; all other business by the newly elected Chair.
e) Nominations for committee shall only be valid if confirmed by
the nominee at the meeting or previously in writing.
f) Items for inclusion in AOB to be notified in writing to the
Secretary by the last meeting in February.

9.Extraordinary General Meeting.

a) EGM may be called by the committee or not less than seven
members of the club. The date of the meeting being the earliest
convenient as decided by the committee.At least 28 days notice in
writing or in the club's magazine must be given by the Secretary.
b) The quorum for the EGM shall be 51% of the current membership.

10.Amendments to the Constitution.

The constitution may be amended only at an EGM called for that

11.Winding up the Club.

a) The decision to wind up the club may only be taken at an EGM.
b) In the absence of a quorum at such a meeting, a motion signed by
7 members shall constitute the same decision.
c) The funds of the club, after sale of all assets and the payment
of all outstanding debts, shall be deposited with the Radio Society
of Great Britain, to be used for Amateur Radio in the area.

Burnham Beeches Radio Club.


Notice is hereby given that an EGM has been called on Monday 6th
July 1987 at 8.00pm in Room 48 Haymill Youth & Community Centre
112 Burnham Lane

The following resolution has been agreed by the committee:

That the members of the Burnham Beeches Radio Club accept the draft
constitution as detailed on Pages 11/13 of Issue 21 of Beechlog,
being a replacement for the existing constitution.

Proposed by: Dave Chislett G4XDU Chair.

Seconded by: Eileen Chislett G6EIL.