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The club holds construction evenings as part of its regular activities. Here are details of some of the previous projects built. For further details please contact a member of the committee.

Multiband linked dipole (Oct 2016)

These antennas were constructed using a kit of parts from SOTAbeams, along with some wire acquired separately. Full details are on the Sotabeams website.


1:1 or 4:1 toroidal HF balun

Frequency Counter Project

0 to 60Mhz counter based on a PIC, developed by G8MLK

HF Receive  Noise Canceller

This is based on a PW design which uses 2 antennas: a main antenna and a “noise antenna” where the device cancels out the noise leaving a clearer receive signal.

Component Tester

This is a marketed kit of parts for a component tester which tests resistors, capacitors, inductance, transistors, FETs etc. The kits are bought from China on ebay..

PSK31 Transmit Power Regulator
Rig to PC interface. This box enables the rig to be connected to your PC but effectively isolates each from unwanted voltages. It has an RS232 output plus audio. Isolation is by way of transformers and optical isolators.

Softrock SDR Receiver 

This is a basic SDR for one band

Isolated Sound Card Interface

Transformer isolated audio and opto isolated CAT interface

80/40 M loop amplified receive antenna

This is a PW design for a 60 cm diameter receive only loop antenna for DF or tracking of QRM etc.

40 dB Tap 

This is an RF “sniffer” which enables you to sample a signal at 40dB reduction for power checking or signal sampling etc, built into a diecast box with N-type in and out connection and a BNC -40dB output connection. Based on a design in the June 2001 edition of ARRL QST magazine.

2M Tape Measure Yagi 

This is a fold-up 3 element yagi for mainly direction finding/fox hunt use with a switched attenuator (resistive) to mount on the antenna.

Frequency Counter

A digital frequency counter made from a commercial Kit. 

2 Metre Slim Jim antenna 

Made from 450 or 300 Ohm ladder line. - Simple and very cheap  2 M vertically polarised antenna useful for travelling.

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