Club VHF/UHF Contest

The BBRC Club VHF/UHF contest

To find out more about the contest see the rules below. A list of winners is here:


To get members on the radio. To try to level the playing field, the power and bands of operation will not disadvantage licensees who are new to amateur radio.


The object is to work as many stations as possible during the period of the contest, see below for scoring.


(Subject to revision - always check the club website for the current version of these rules!)
  • Bands of operation: 6Mtrs, 2Mtrs and 70cms.
  • Modes: FM, SSB and CW.
  • Power: maximum at the antenna 10 watts (10dBw), unless a beam antenna is used, in which case your transmit power must be reduced to compensate. (See Notes 1 and 2)
  • Exchange: You must exchange callsign, signal report and 6 character locator with the other station (see Note 3).
  • Area of Operation, within the area covered by OS Sheet 175. You may also operate from a stationary vehicle, a portable location or from your main station.
  • You must not move outside the same 1Km IARU locator square during the contest.
  • Logging, can be done on paper or by computer (provided a readable file is provided in plain text, ADIF or Cabrillo format. See note 4)
  • Period of contest to be 1 hr 30 min.
  • Scoring, 1 point per Km for each contact, based on the station IARU ‘Maidenhead’ locators.
  • No operation through repeaters or satellites.
  • You must abide by your licence conditions.
  • The winning station will be awarded the club trophy for one year and a certificate. Runner up will be awarded a certificate. Both will be presented at the club AGM.
  • A photograph of the station should be taken and presented to the adjudicator if possible. (Note 5)

Note 1. If your transceiver produces more power than allowed, then you will need to verify how you limited and measured the power.

 Note 2. If you use a beam antenna then you must reduce power to keep the Effective Radiated Power to the same level as with the antenna gain set out here.

 Maximum gain without TX power reduction: 

6Mtrs     0 dBd (= 2.1 dBi)  

2Mtrs     3 dBd (= 5.1 dBi)  

70cms    6 dBd (= 8.1dBi)

eg For a 2m beam with 11.1  dBi gain, your maximum allowable TX power is reduced by 11.1 - 5.1dB = 6dB. (i.e. from 10W to 2.5W). You must not increase power above 10w  if using a lower gain antenna.

Note 3. If the contacted station does not know their locator then sufficient information should be obtained to calculate the distance or the locator, in order to be a valid contact. You must know your own locator.

Note 4. Logs must be sent in to the adjudicator, at the latest 10 days after the contest date. Computer logging programmes produce suitable files, although text files are best. Should paper logs be supplied please make them legible, points will be deducted if the log cannot be read. 

Note 5. Photographs should be supplied in JPEG format.

Revision Date: 28 April 2017

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