The BBRC is a satellite RSGB/Ofcom examination centre so, you can enroll to take either the Foundation, Intermediate or Full Exam at the Farnham Common Village Hall or Maidenhead centre (though you must take them in order starting with the foundation) 
Training for the foundation exam is provided as part of a weekend course where full instruction is given and all practical tests taken before sitting the exam on Sunday. The process is not heavily academic. There is a small charge for the hire of the hall based on the number of people attending and a fee to take the exam but all training is provided free of charge.

The club now has a lottery grant to assist with training, this includes both radio equipment and IT to enable us to improve our training courses.
For more information please contact either of the club members below, see the RSGB web site or come and say hi at a club meeting. Obtaining (from the following link or asking at the club if a recent member has a copy) and reading a copy of the RSGB book Foundation License - Now! is highly recommended though don't worry if if seems complicated.  
Training for the Intermediate and Advanced exam is also provided free of charge but is provided over a number weeks on a mutually agreed evening. Please note: you must be a club member to take part in the clubs Intermediate and full licence courses. All practical requirements are covered during this training and the exam is taken at one of our registered sites at a mutually agreed date (Intermediate) or on the date specified by the RSGB (Advanced).
Please contact the examination secretary or a registered instructor for further details.

Examination Secretary         Greg G4EBY
Registered Instructor            Charlie G0SKA
Registered Instructor            Jeremy G8MLK
Registered Instructor            Trevor M0TDZ
Registered Instructor            Dave G4XDU
Registered Instructor            Ian M1FHU