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How to get a Foundation licence

Thank you for showing an interest in Amateur Radio, our Club and, in particular, an interest in completing the training and examination leading to the Foundation Licence.

In order to gain the Foundation Licence candidates need to complete 2 assessments; one practical and the other theoretical.

In the past we have run weekend courses but it can take up to a year to gather enough candidates to make this a viable proposition.  In recent times we have offered a 1-2-1 supported individual training option based essentially on self-study.

The BBRC Self-Study route works like this:

Candidates purchase the examination preparation book from the Radio Society of Great Britain and use this to prepare. You can buy the book in paper form or as a Kindle book. Candidates also find Exam Secrets for Radio Amateurs useful. See where Intermediate and Full Licence Manuals are also available. 

Alternatively candidates may wish to pursue one of the online courses such as that offered by the Essex group.  Details of this route can be found at:,

Regardless of the training route exams and assessments can be carried out at BBRC.  

Once candidates feel ready to take the examination they inform the examinations secretary.  Six weeks’ notice is normally required. The examinations secretary then puts candidates in touch with:

1.    One of the club’s registered assessors who arranges completion of the practical assessment with them.  Very little preparation or prior knowledge is required for successful completion of this component and it normally takes just a few hours. 

 2.    Club members who are prepared to provide pre-theory examination crammer sessions.  Normally these are held in either the member’s or candidate’s home and usually in the week prior to the examination. 

The cost of obtaining a Foundation Licence with the Burnham Beeches Radio Club by this self-study route is £63.  This includes a contribution towards the hire of the examination venue, club membership and the examination fee.  The cost for existing club members is £43. Club membership runs from 1st January to 31st December and new members who join after 30th June can apply for a reduction in the charge for the following year.

It will also be necessary to purchase the book mentioned earlier which is £4.99 +p&p.

Be aware that the costs and prices will, inevitably, be subject to change.

If you require any further information please contact me by email:

ebytronics at (replace ' at ' with @)

Other links that candidates might find useful are copied below.

If you have any queries or questions then please contact the examinations secretary or one of the club committee members.

Good Luck and 73es

Gregory Head (Greg)

Examinations Secretary
Burnham Beeches Radio Club