No meeting on 6 May, VHF/UHF Contest on 20 May

posted 2 May 2019, 14:54 by Mike Brown

The first Monday in May is a Bank Holiday, so there is no club meeting.

The next 'meeting' will be the club VHF/UHF contest on May 20. This is intended as a fun event and the updated rules make it easy to take part either from home or mobile.

Dig out your junk!

posted 11 Apr 2019, 08:14 by Mike Brown

Don't forget - the club junk sale (aka surplus equipment sale) is this coming Monday, Apr 15. You have 4 days to dig out your junk!

JS8Call final release

posted 11 Apr 2019, 08:10 by Mike Brown

JS8Call, the FT8-like data mode that supports free text messages has finally moved out of Beta and gone to a full release. Version 1.0.0 can now be downloaded from where you can also find FAQ, helpful user guides and YouTube videos. Although fairly slow at 10-20 WPM the mode works at s/n levels down to -24dB, so even at the current sunspot minimum should allow CW-style QSOs to be made worldwide. The current JS8Call Guide is here.


posted 4 Mar 2019, 15:53 by Mike Brown

We had a good turnout for the EGM and AGM this evening - thank you to all who attended. The new constitution was approved at the EGM and is now available here on the club website. There were of course changes in the club committee. In particular Trevor M0TDZ had completed the maximum 3 year term as Chair - many thanks Trevor - so had to step aside.

The new committee membership is:

Chairman - Charlie G0SKA
Treasurer - Dave G4XDU/G8XCK
Secretary - Mike G4RAA
Ordinary member - Paul G6TSF
Ordinary member - Colin G8RLZ

Don't forget the EGM & AGM!

posted 3 Mar 2019, 14:27 by Mike Brown

Members - please do your best to attend the next meeting on Mar 4, which is an Extraordinary General Meeting to consider proposed changes to the club constitution, immediately followed by the Annual General Meeting. We need at least 51% of our members to turn up or we'll have to schedule both again!

Es'Hail-2 geo satellite now active

posted 15 Feb 2019, 14:30 by Mike Brown

The Oscar-100 transponder on Qatar's Es'hail-2 geostationary satellite is now active. The uplink is at 2.4GHz with the downlink at 10.489 GHz (full details here). The high downlink frequency means conventional satellite TV dishes can be used for reception, although a suitable LNB is required.

There is lots of activity at present - you can listen to the CW & SSB activity on BATC's dedicated narrowband SDR here:

A week to finish your projects!

posted 11 Feb 2019, 02:32 by Mike Brown

Time to finish up at least one of those kits and personal construction projects you have been working on. The next club meeting, on Feb 18, is the judging for the club construction contest, combined with the annual Show & Tell.

You can bring anything along to the Show & Tell, including commercial or non-radio equipment you think other members might be interested in.

For the construction contest you must have made or assembled the item yourself, although it can be from a commercial kit. The winner gets to be the proud holder of The Bob Green M0HJY Construction trophy for a year. Click on the link for the rules and other details.

New club callsign - M0BB

posted 24 Jan 2019, 07:27 by Mike Brown

Thanks to Uri, the club has a super new callsign to go alongside G3WIR - Mike Zero Burnham Beeches. It has already been 'christened' in a two way QSO between Uri and club Chairman Trevor.

Ofcom have obviously decided they have been wasting a scarce 'numbering' resource by not issuing short calls - there are 676 different calls available just in the range M0AA to M0ZZ, although one or two may be withheld if they make unfortunate combinations. In recent years all new calls have had three letters at the end. The only exception has been short calls issued for purely for contest purposes, which are admittedly even shorter at one letter, one number and one letter. Unfortunately individual licensees cannot apply to change their call - Ofcom policy is that calls are issued for life and can only be changed following an upgrade to Intermediate or Advanced.

Extraordinary and Annual General Meetings

posted 16 Jan 2019, 08:14 by Mike Brown

Members will recall that we have an EGM immediately prior to the AGM on Mon 4 March. The EGM is so we can update the club constitution, which is looking a bit long in the tooth. 

A proposed new constitution has been emailed to members - please contact a committee member if you have not received it.

Subs can now be paid tomorrow (7 Jan)

posted 6 Jan 2019, 02:45 by Mike Brown

Club treasurer Dave will now be able to make the meeting tomorrow so please bring your chequebooks!

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