Extraordinary and Annual General Meetings

posted 16 Jan 2019, 08:14 by Mike Brown

Members will recall that we have an EGM immediately prior to the AGM on Mon 4 March. The EGM is so we can update the club constitution, which is looking a bit long in the tooth. 

A proposed new constitution has been emailed to members - please contact a committee member if you have not received it.

Subs can now be paid tomorrow (7 Jan)

posted 6 Jan 2019, 02:45 by Mike Brown

Club treasurer Dave will now be able to make the meeting tomorrow so please bring your chequebooks!

Happy New Year (subs now due)

posted 3 Jan 2019, 13:46 by Mike Brown

Happy New Year to all BBRC members. Not that there are any technically, as the membership year expired on 31 December.

We previously reported that subscription rates are staying the same for 2019. Bargain!

Club treasurer Dave can't make the first meeting, so please come ready to pay your subs (by cheque if possible) at the second meeting in January.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

posted 24 Dec 2018, 07:09 by Mike Brown

Seasonal 73's & 88's to all club members, their families and site visitors. Here's hoping Santa's sleigh dodges your dipoles, veers from your verticals and backs away from your beams!

Subs kept at 2018 level for 2019

posted 19 Dec 2018, 04:22 by Mike Brown

Due to the good rally results the committee has decided to keep membership subscriptions at the same level yet again in 2019. Individual membership still only costs £17.50 with family membership at £22.50.

Subscriptions are due in January. We're refreshing the membership records, so there will be a membership form to fill in, and we will be issuing membership cards this year too. Unfortunately the Treasurer can't make the 7 Jan meeting so please come to the 21 Jan meeting ready to pay for your membership. If possible we'd like payment by cheque as it makes record-keeping easier.

WSJT-X users - upgrade to v2.0.0 now!

posted 10 Dec 2018, 15:33 by Mike Brown

The new version of WSJT-X is now on full release here. This release is essential for any users of FT8 and MSK144 as the new versions are incompatible with previous versions. Users of earlier versions will find fewer and fewer stations they can decode as rollout of the new version increases. Amateurs are advised not to use earlier versions on-air after 1 January 2019 - only three weeks away.

Next meeting - Battle of the videos

posted 9 Dec 2018, 06:26 by Mike Brown

The final club meeting of the year is a video/natter night. We'll have a selection of RSGB videos available and it will be up to members to vote for the ones they want to see. 

Options are expected to include The K3LR Superstation, Microwave Engineering, Measuring VHF Noise, FT8 Performance Secrets, Introduction to SDRs.

FT8CALL now JS8Call

posted 10 Oct 2018, 10:34 by Mike Brown

FT8CALL's creator, Justin KN4CRD, has been very busy. There is a new version of this new QSO-friendly data mode with new features and a change of name - the mode is now known as JS8 and the program is named JS8Call. The name change seems to have been at the request of FT8's creators Franke & Taylor.

New features include message compression, that increases throughput to around 15 WPM, selective and group calling and a nifty way to adjust your time if away from an accurate time reference (eg at a DX Picnic). You can get the program here:

Relax antenna planning restrictions?

posted 23 Aug 2018, 02:44 by Mike Brown   [ updated 23 Aug 2018, 02:45 ]

There is a Parliamentary petition, created by M0PLT, asking that planning restrictions on amateur and CB antennas be relaxed. At the time of writing there are 2,952 signatures and government will respond at 10,000 signatures. 

You can sign up to the petition here:

FT8 derivative - FT8CALL

posted 16 Aug 2018, 13:24 by Mike Brown

Heard about the latest digital mode? Click on the Articles link in the navigation menu to find a new article all about it. How it works; where to download it.

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