Final opportunity to comment on Ofcom EMF drafts

posted 15 Apr 2021, 09:05 by Mike Brown   [ updated 15 Apr 2021, 09:11 by Burnham RadioClub ]

The closing date for comments on Ofcom's latest calculator, the draft amateur guidance note and draft licence conditions appeared to be tomorrow Fri 16 April but in places they ask for feedback before 16 April.

You can find the documents here: and comments should be emailed to

DX Picnic now Apr 16-19 but keep an eye on BBRC emails

posted 3 Apr 2021, 10:19 by Burnham RadioClub

The DX Picnic has been delayed a week to fit in with the government's Covid-19 unlocking timetable, which allows camping from April 12. Please ensure you bring, install and operate your own kit and follow social distancing rules strictly. And if you take photographs of members onsite please don't take them with a telephoto lens that makes them look closer together than they actually are!

Should there be any further changes we'll let members know via the email reflector.

The main activity will be on Sat 17 and Sun 18 April, with setup on Friday 16 and derig on Monday 19.

WSJT-X updates and Mac problems

posted 6 Mar 2021, 06:27 by Mike Brown

Joe Taylor and team have released a second release candidate for version 2.4.0, which includes the new Q65 mode. Separately there is a new full release, version 2.3.1 due out on Monday 8 March. See for details

According to posts on the WSJT-X io group the recent Mac problems are due to undocumented changes to the Mac operating system. The issue appears to be down to new restrictions on programs sharing memory access. This is essential for WSJT-X because it runs as two separate sub-processes, called jt9 and wsprd. The WSJT-X team are planning a re-write but this is a major task, so not likely to be quick. The only other hope is that Apple improve the documentation of sysctl parameters.

New EMF licence condition

posted 6 Mar 2021, 06:16 by Mike Brown

A summary of the Ofcom documents has been circulated by email and will be available via the club's Google group. If any member hasn't received it (and it isn't in their spam folder) please email or contact a committee member.

Ofcom updates EMF (ICNIRP) consultation

posted 2 Mar 2021, 15:08 by Mike Brown   [ updated 2 Mar 2021, 15:13 ]

Ofcom has released an update on their proposal to insert an EMF licence condition into licences. The file can be found here: 

The update document refers to an updated version of the calculator spreadsheet and guidance document. Currently these are not available via the consultation web page. Instead they are located in a new EMF section of the Ofcom website. Also included in the new EMF area is a draft version of the new amateur licence conditions.

NB The current version of the calculator appears to have a minor error, saying results appear in one cell but they actiually appear two lines above that!

Please don't forget the AGM!

posted 28 Feb 2021, 12:22 by Mike Brown

The club's Annual General Meeting takes place tomorrow, Monday 1 March at 8pm. Due to the current Covid-19 lockdown it takes place via Zoom this year. Details and the Zoom link have been emailed to all members - please check your inboxes and spam folders.

We need as many members as possible to join in so the meeting is 'quorate'. If we are short of members we'll have to reschedule the AGM and lose another meeting.

If you can't make the session you can appoint another member to act as your proxy. This can be the club chairman, Charlie G0SKA. Appointing a proxy has to be done in writing but email is fine, so there is still time to do it.

RSGB consulting on "Direct to Full" exam

posted 17 Feb 2021, 04:57 by Mike Brown

The RSGB Examination Standards Committee have launched a consultation on a proposed exam that would allow candidates to get a Full licence without having to progress through Foundation and Intermediate licence levels. Although the current process has been successful in introducing a lot of new amateurs, those with a STEM background have found it a frustrating process. Originally, success in the 'Radio Amateurs Exam' (RAE) brought Full licence privileges (including HF operation if you passed the 12wpm Morse test).

Sub payment instructions sent by email

posted 11 Jan 2021, 12:56 by Mike Brown

Please check your emails (and spam folder if necessary) for details of how to pay this year's subscriptions. If you can't see the details or need help please contact BBRC Treasurer Dave G4XDU/G8XCK, QTHR or email

Happy New Year/subs due on Jan 1

posted 30 Dec 2020, 10:21 by Burnham RadioClub   [ updated 30 Dec 2020, 10:31 ]

Best wishes to all club members for a happy and healthy 2021. Good DX, a few sunpots and a shot of vaccine would be good too!

The club year runs from Jan-Dec, so subscriptions for 2021 are due on Jan 1. Subscriptions cost £20 for individuals and £25 for families.

Please fill out the membership form here (one per family member) and send it to Dave, G4XDU, preferably electronically, telling him if you are paying electronically. Keep an eye on club emails for ways of paying. If you cannot pay electronically a cheque will do.

ISS SSTV update

posted 23 Dec 2020, 09:11 by Mike Brown

The ARISS-SSTV blog is reporting that SSTV operation will start after 1640 on Dec 24 and end at 1815 on Dec 31. It looks as though operation may be continuous, which would be very good news as timed slots are often optimised for coverage over Russia. All times are UTC.

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