Extra club nets 1st & 3rd Mondays

posted 20 Mar 2020, 08:02 by Mike Brown   [ updated 20 Mar 2020, 08:07 ]

As we aren't holding physical meetings currently there are extra club 2m FM nets on what would normally have been club evenings ie at 8pm on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. The net starts on 145.5 MHz but rapidly QSY's to another frequency, usually 145.275 MHz.

The club email reflector is another great way for BBRC members to keep in touch. If you're not already signed up please email.


posted 14 Mar 2020, 11:45 by Mike Brown

Sadly due to the Covid 19 virus the committee has taken the decision to postpone all club meetings due to be held at Farnham Common Village Hall until further notice, including the meeting this coming Monday 16th March.

The decision has been taken because many of our members are over 60 and a significant number have impaired health so at serious risk if they should catch the disease.

Instead, there will be a club net starting on 145.500 FM at 8pm on Monday moving to 145.275  + or - QRM.

We appreciate that some members may be out of signal range and are sorry if anyone misses out. If anyone has other suggestions for alternate bans/frequencies etc. please let a committee member know.

Some events which are not due to be held at FCVH, such as the club VHF contest, may take place and further information will be communicated after the committee has had a chance to discuss.

If you are aware of any club members who may not see this notice or get the Chairman's email, would you please let them know.

AGM 2020

posted 5 Mar 2020, 12:09 by Mike Brown

The AGM went well on Monday 3 Mar. We had a good proportion of the membership in attendance and many proxies, so many thanks all round. Although there were no changes in the senior committee posts, Paul G6TSF and Colin G8RLZ both stepped down and were thanked for their past work for the club. Two new 'ordinary' committee members were appointed to replace them - Trevor M0TDZ and John M7JHA.

Winner of the G0BBB Award for the person doing the most for the club was won by Greg, G4EBY for his sterling work as exam secretary. The Bob Green M0HJY Construction Award was won by Patrick G6CJB for his DATV satellite uplink transmitter.

AGM this Monday - please attend

posted 25 Feb 2020, 03:58 by Mike Brown

The next meeting, at 8pm on Mon 2 Mar at Farnham Common Village Hall, is the Annual General Meeting. Please try to attend as you'll hear about the running of the club, vote for the new committee and for any other proposals made at the meeting. 

I you can't make the meeting you can appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf. This must be done in writing (email is ok) - see the constitution on this website for details.

Free drinks and nibbles will be served after the AGM.

Ofcom proposes we keep RF field records

posted 23 Feb 2020, 09:14 by Mike Brown

Ofcom has just launched a consultation proposing all Wireless Telegraphy Act licensees with equipment capable of more than 10w be required to "operate within the ICNIRP guidelines as a condition of their Ofcom licence – including keeping data and records of any testing to demonstrate their compliance."

The ICNIRP guidelines are currently under review and do not seem to have been designed for easy interpretation and compliance.

Show & tell / construction contest

posted 14 Feb 2020, 15:40 by Mike Brown

Don't forget the next meeting (Feb 17) is the annual Show & Tell evening. Bring anything you have made or bought that you think other members might be interested in. If it is something you have made (self-designed or simply put together from a kit) it will be considered for the annual construction contest. Judging takes place at the meeting and the award winner is announced at the AGM.

2020 subscription rates

posted 17 Dec 2019, 09:35 by Mike Brown   [ updated 17 Dec 2019, 14:44 ]

The subscription rates for 2020 have been agreed by the committee. Full membership costs £20 with Family membership costing £25. Students in full time education are charged £10.

Subs are due on 1 January, so please bring cash or your chequebook to the next meeting you attend.

WRC-19 ends - have we lost half our 50MHz primary allocation?

posted 22 Nov 2019, 11:18 by Mike Brown

The 2019 World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (WRC-19) has just ended in Egypt. More countries now have 50 MHz allocations, which is good news as there will be more stations to work. Is there a sting in the tail though?

Our current UK allocation is as Primary user from 50-51 MHz. (This comes with a 400W PEP power limit for Full licensees. From 51-52 MHz the power limit is 100W PEP.)

Footnote 5.D11 of the conference report shown on the RSGB website says we and amateurs in a selection of other coutries are only Primary users from 50-50.5 MHz!

Don't forget your soldering iron

posted 17 Oct 2019, 09:19 by Mike Brown

The next club meeting, on Mon Oct 21, is the first of the two annual construction evenings, where we'll be making very. very simple 40m CW transceivers called Pixies. There is also the opportunity to buy the very last BBRC Stationbox kit if you don't want to make a Pixie. Otherwise just turn up and see what the fun is about.

We'll have one or two spare tools but Pixie builders are advised to bring the following:

Small tipped soldering iron


Side cutters

Ideally, something to hold the pcb while soldering.

A loupe or magnifying glass (to read the markings on the smaller components and check your pcb for solder blobs/shorts)

A desoldering tool if you have one, in case of mistakes

A multimeter or better still a BBRC component tester is also a good idea.

(Some of the colour codes on the resistors are difficult to read but it’s also a good idea to test any components you can before using them as it can save an awful lot of time fault-finding.)


When you get your kit to the point of wanting to fire it up you’ll need:

 A PP3 battery or other 9-12v power source.

A morse key and 8 ohm headphones/earphones, both with 3.5mm jack plugs.

You can bring a dummy load (BNC or with adapter) but we’ve provided everyone with a 47 ohm 2w resistor to use as a dummy load. You can just bring a cable or a BNC plug you can solder the resistor onto. With care you might be able to tack the resistor onto the PCB but the output contacts are quite close together.

BBRC 3rd place in 144 MHz Trophy Contest 6hr open section

posted 17 Oct 2019, 05:34 by Mike Brown

M0BB/P managed a very creditable third place in the 6hr open section of the RSGB 144 MHz Trophy Contest. 125 stations were worked, with best DX being DL0GTH (a distance of 809 km). Congratulations to operator Trevor M0TDZ and all others involved!

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