Watch this video!

posted 26 Aug 2020, 01:51 by Mike Brown

We'll be discussing antennas for small gardens and the RSGB webinar video on that topic at the 7 September Zoom meeting. 

The RSGB video featuring Steve Nicols, G0KYA, has a great commentary on a dozen types of small antenna, explaining their advantages and disadvantages and comparing their performance with a dipole. It is quite long so start watching now!

Foxhunt moved to Wed 19 Aug

posted 11 Aug 2020, 16:14 by Mike Brown

Many hostelries are currently shut on a Monday, so we've had to put the direction-finding 'Foxhunt' back by 2 days to Wed Aug 19. 

The starting point is, as usual, Upton Court Park, SL3 7LU and, also as usual, we'll be starting a little early at 7.30pm.

The fox will transmit on 2m FM on 145.275 MHz +/- QRM. See here for more details.

Ofcom acting unreasonably over ICNIRP condoc?

posted 7 May 2020, 08:22 by Mike Brown

Ofcom is proposing to introduce a licence requirement that we not only comply with the ICNIRP EMC Guidelines but keep records of our calculations and measurements, except for equipment that can’t radiate more than 10W EIRP.

The closing date had been 15 May but was extended ‘indefinitely’ and ‘until further notice’ because of Covid-19. Well now they’ve given notice. The closing date is now 12 June.

 This new date appears to be most unreasonable for one simple reason – the May edition of Health Physics carries a new 2020 version of the ICNIRP Guidelines. Ofcom are aware of this fact but are choosing to ignore the need for licensees to review the Guidelines and devise new measurement and compliance methods before responding to the consultation.

The consultation documents and contact details can be found here:

Next meeting - My Messy Shack, via Zoom

posted 2 May 2020, 15:13 by Mike Brown

Don't forget the next meeting, on Monday 4 May, is your opportunity to see the radio setups of your fellow club members and to share yours. It doesn't matter if your shack is messy - a messy shack is usually an active shack!

Keep your eyes on the club email reflector for the link for this upcoming meeting.

3D printed PPE

posted 21 Apr 2020, 08:03 by Mike Brown

To date club members have made and shipped around a hundred faceshields to local care homes, doctors, nurses and carers. Many more headshields have been produced and will be going out soon. Many thanks to all club members participating in making or transporting the headshields. Special thanks go to Uri, G0BBB, for sponsoring the effort and allowing us to bulk buy printing filament and screens.

Assigning UKAC points - use Triple B ARCG

posted 21 Apr 2020, 07:32 by Mike Brown

If you enter RSGB UKAC contests please put Triple B ARCG (Amateur Radio Contest Group) as your club, not Burnham Beeches Radio Club.

Triple B ARCG is the contesting group formed by BBRC and a group of amateurs from Bracknell. 

The reason BBRC is on the RSGB Contest Committee pulldown list is so we could enter VHF Fields Day contests back in time when we could have DX Picnics!

3D printed PPE

posted 17 Apr 2020, 03:18 by Mike Brown   [ updated 17 Apr 2020, 07:44 ]

If you are able to join the club effort to print protective headshields or need help/advice please contact Trevor on 0207 036 1076. If you are printing PPE please read this article on the need for cleanliness and safety.

Club nets now available via Zoom

posted 12 Apr 2020, 14:07 by Mike Brown

Following a successful trial we'll be trying to make future club nets and some virtual meetings available via Zoom. The relay of club nets means members who are SWLs, out of range, in poor locations or simply stuck in bed will be able to hear what's going on.

Check your email for the meeting links. If you aren't signed up to the club email reflector please email and we'll add you.

Extra club nets 1st & 3rd Mondays

posted 20 Mar 2020, 08:02 by Mike Brown   [ updated 20 Mar 2020, 08:07 ]

As we aren't holding physical meetings currently there are extra club 2m FM nets on what would normally have been club evenings ie at 8pm on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. The net starts on 145.5 MHz but rapidly QSY's to another frequency, usually 145.275 MHz.

The club email reflector is another great way for BBRC members to keep in touch. If you're not already signed up please email.


posted 14 Mar 2020, 11:45 by Mike Brown

Sadly due to the Covid 19 virus the committee has taken the decision to postpone all club meetings due to be held at Farnham Common Village Hall until further notice, including the meeting this coming Monday 16th March.

The decision has been taken because many of our members are over 60 and a significant number have impaired health so at serious risk if they should catch the disease.

Instead, there will be a club net starting on 145.500 FM at 8pm on Monday moving to 145.275  + or - QRM.

We appreciate that some members may be out of signal range and are sorry if anyone misses out. If anyone has other suggestions for alternate bans/frequencies etc. please let a committee member know.

Some events which are not due to be held at FCVH, such as the club VHF contest, may take place and further information will be communicated after the committee has had a chance to discuss.

If you are aware of any club members who may not see this notice or get the Chairman's email, would you please let them know.

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