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Don't forget your soldering iron

posted 17 Oct 2019, 09:19 by Mike Brown
The next club meeting, on Mon Oct 21, is the first of the two annual construction evenings, where we'll be making very. very simple 40m CW transceivers called Pixies. There is also the opportunity to buy the very last BBRC Stationbox kit if you don't want to make a Pixie. Otherwise just turn up and see what the fun is about.

We'll have one or two spare tools but Pixie builders are advised to bring the following:

Small tipped soldering iron


Side cutters

Ideally, something to hold the pcb while soldering.

A loupe or magnifying glass (to read the markings on the smaller components and check your pcb for solder blobs/shorts)

A desoldering tool if you have one, in case of mistakes

A multimeter or better still a BBRC component tester is also a good idea.

(Some of the colour codes on the resistors are difficult to read but it’s also a good idea to test any components you can before using them as it can save an awful lot of time fault-finding.)


When you get your kit to the point of wanting to fire it up you’ll need:

 A PP3 battery or other 9-12v power source.

A morse key and 8 ohm headphones/earphones, both with 3.5mm jack plugs.

You can bring a dummy load (BNC or with adapter) but we’ve provided everyone with a 47 ohm 2w resistor to use as a dummy load. You can just bring a cable or a BNC plug you can solder the resistor onto. With care you might be able to tack the resistor onto the PCB but the output contacts are quite close together.