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Lottery Funding for Licence Training!

posted 20 Oct 2014, 03:35 by Peter Joseph
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Licence Training Project

The Burnham Beeches Radio Club has just been awarded Lottery funding.

This will enable us to continue to provide training for new enthusiasts to obtain their Foundation 

Licence, and then to continue to upgrade to Intermediate and Full Amateur Radio Licences.

 Amateur radio is a worldwide hobby concerned with radio communications and also with highly 

technical aspects of radio transmission and receiving. It is seen by the radio spectrum management 

authorities as a way of encouraging young people in particular into science and engineering careers, 

which are vital as the UK is especially short of engineers.

Licensed Radio Amateurs may also be trained to assist local and national authorities with 

emergency communications. 

Many licensed Radio Amateurs enjoy constructing equipment such as transmitters which they can 

use across the airwaves.

Training for the examinations (administered by the Radio Communications Foundation on behalf 

of OFCOM ) which are necessary to obtain an Amateur Radio Licence is provided usually by local 

Amateur Radio clubs. Licensed amateur radio instructors, approved by The Radio Society of Great 

Britain, are required to sign off the practical aspects of the training courses.

 Many clubs, including the BBRC, have qualified instructors amongst their members who provide 

training voluntarily. However, there are associated costs which are needed to deliver the training 

effectively, and the lottery award, while not paying for the courses themselves, is being used to 

provide equipment used on these courses as the cost of such equipment is usually beyond the 

finances of a small radio club.