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New club callsign - M0BB

posted 24 Jan 2019, 07:27 by Mike Brown
Thanks to Uri, the club has a super new callsign to go alongside G3WIR - Mike Zero Burnham Beeches. It has already been 'christened' in a two way QSO between Uri and club Chairman Trevor.

Ofcom have obviously decided they have been wasting a scarce 'numbering' resource by not issuing short calls - there are 676 different calls available just in the range M0AA to M0ZZ, although one or two may be withheld if they make unfortunate combinations. In recent years all new calls have had three letters at the end. The only exception has been short calls issued for purely for contest purposes, which are admittedly even shorter at one letter, one number and one letter. Unfortunately individual licensees cannot apply to change their call - Ofcom policy is that calls are issued for life and can only be changed following an upgrade to Intermediate or Advanced.