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Ofcom acting unreasonably over ICNIRP condoc?

posted 7 May 2020, 08:22 by Mike Brown
Ofcom is proposing to introduce a licence requirement that we not only comply with the ICNIRP EMC Guidelines but keep records of our calculations and measurements, except for equipment that can’t radiate more than 10W EIRP.

The closing date had been 15 May but was extended ‘indefinitely’ and ‘until further notice’ because of Covid-19. Well now they’ve given notice. The closing date is now 12 June.

 This new date appears to be most unreasonable for one simple reason – the May edition of Health Physics carries a new 2020 version of the ICNIRP Guidelines. Ofcom are aware of this fact but are choosing to ignore the need for licensees to review the Guidelines and devise new measurement and compliance methods before responding to the consultation.

The consultation documents and contact details can be found here: