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Ofcom confirms EMF licence condition

posted 8 Oct 2020, 04:04 by Mike Brown
Ofcom has confirmed in a Statement that it will include a licence condition requiring amateurs comply with ICNIRP EMF limits and keep records showing they are compliant. It is consulting on the changes and has released a spreadsheet it believes will help licensees produce suitable records. Unfortunately the current example spreadsheet file doesn't work in most spreadsheet software but Ofcom say they will release a revised version soon.

On first reading, Ofcom's proposed licence conditions and spreadsheet instructions appear to be too prescriptive. Many amateur activities might need to be curtailed, not because they are dangerous but because amateurs may not be able to provide records that meet Ofcom's stringent requirements.

The Statement, consultation documents and spreadsheet can be found here:

The licence condition consultation closes on November 16 2020.