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Useful information on CW

posted 2 Feb 2016, 15:59 by Burnham RadioClub
Following his fascinating talk on CW at the club last night Greg, G4EBY, has kindly provided some notes, a CW bandplan and a couple of useful links.

You can find the notes and bandplan on the 'Notes from Club Talks' page (

These links may also be useful:

Greg also mentioned an Android app is available. I believe he was referring to 'Morse Trainer for Ham Radio' by Wolphi LLC, which currently costs £2.41 (oddly the icon says 'CW Trainer'). It looks like a very flexible programme which includes both Koch method and Farnsworth speed.

The eagle-eyed might also notice the free but somewhat clunky-looking 'IZ2UUF Morse Koch CW' app also lets users increase the spacing between characters and/or words to slow the average speed while maintaining the sound of characters.